MIA-Life Lately

10 10 2012

Hey folks!  I am alive and well.  I promise.  My laptop has decided that it’s going to die and so, suddenly, I am without a regular internet connection.  All I do is work anyways, so I’m really not missing all that much. 

Someone asked me at work today, “How do you go about life without the internet?”  Now mind you, this was a rather youthful lady, who opened our conversation at work with a question about facebook.  And I simply told her that I was disconnected from the internet as of current days.  She looked absolutely horrified.  Like, for reals.  Totally. 

At first, I missed it.  But then I realized, it’s been very cleansing to unplug from the world and to just live reality.  In the meantime, I am with friends, either on the phone or face to face.  And new relationships are forming, and it’s all just so very exciting! 

More than that, I am just so grateful with where I am right now.  So many things have orchestrated themselves to be right here, in the present day, and I am just so grateful for all that has happened. 

So stay tuned, I’ve got some sweet thoughts a brewing!




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