Cashier Adventures

20 10 2012

Sometimes, things happen to you at the precise moment that you need it.  You know?  After my last really depressing post, I’ll share you a little tidbit about something that happened yesterday.  No, not that.

Anyways, I had to work yesterday.  A normal 10-4 shift.  Love those things.  Normally.  Anyways, my boss lady was training 3 people, count em, 3 people last night.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but the front end was short-handed anyways.  So with her focused on training, it becomes evident that one of the cashiers is gonna have to stay a little later than they planned.  Me.

At first, I figured it would just be a few minutes, since my boss lady did say “a few minutes.”  Apparently, 7:35 pm is 4 o’clock pm.  But I am not going to complain about my boss, because that’s a little unprofessional, and at the end of the day, yes it sucked to pull a 9 hour day, but I could use the money.  Especially now that everything in my life seems to be breaking.

Anyways, so I was staying late.  I believe that if you ever have the reason or rationale to be rude while working in the general public, it is when you’re having to stay later than normal.

One of the problems that cashiers run into is product that slips in under the belt.  This is quite a frequent problem, most commonly experienced with the packets of seasoning used to make stuff, such as ranch dip.  As a cashier, I always make suggestions that make this problem less likely to occur.  I feel that it’s usually for the better to do so, because people don’t realize that these packets slip in under the belt.  If I were not observant or if we get to talking, that packet is liable to go in under the belt and the customer will leave without product.  So I always tell the customer, “Hey, for next time, if you’ll put the packet on the top of so-and-so, it won’t fall in between the belt.”  This lady came in at about 5:30, and told me that “That’s not my problem.” And subsequently, proceeded to chew me out for being so bossy and rude to her, and cussed me out when I told her to have a nice day.

It made me so mad.

Rude people just make me very mad in general.

As a disclaimer, 99% of the customers at my store are awesome.  They truly are.  They chat with me, and our regulars always ask how I’m doing, and what’s going on in my life.  I love them.  It’s a mindless job, but they are wonderful at keeping me entertained.  I even have customers who will stand in line as long as they will, simply because they like coming in my line.

When this lady left, I couldn’t help but to just self-doubt myself.  The thoughts running through my head included how terrible I was at my job, how I was never going anywhere with it, and how I needed to do better.  I was almost at the brink of crying, that’s how much she hurt me to my core.

About an hour later, another lady came in.  She was pleasant, answered my questions, asked how my day was going, and at the end, she thanked me.  She said, “After a day like today, I just needed to see a polite person.”  And left.  Call it God or whatever, but I just needed that.

I think I will start thanking my customers that are polite to me.




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