Lessons Learned

25 11 2012

I am learning a lot right now.  Now that I’m out of college, what do I find myself doing in my spare time?  Learning.  Odd, isn’t it?  I get out of school, and the only thing I wanna do is learn some more.

I am learning by reading.  I find myself researching and studying up on some of the things I never took classes on.  I love psychology, but could never find the time or space in my schedule to take more classes on it.  So, instead, now I’m learning about the things I never learned in college.

I am teaching myself.  I’m managing a household, managing money.  I’m making a career and I’m really learning about what it takes to take care of myself and other people.  I am making mistakes, and hurting people, but I’m learning from it.

I have teachers.  Friends, family.  They’re all teaching me and I’m learning from them and their experiences.  I am learning from living life with them and I am learning how to be living in relationships while pursuing other things.  It’s very difficult and very taxing upon me and my life, but I’m learning.

The thing about me and learning, is that I don’t learn without making mistakes.  I mess up.  I make a big mess out of my life, and then I finally learn a lesson, whether it be about love, kindness or balance.  I’ve literally crapped all over several relationships, and I cleaned up the mess, straightened things out, and have made things right.  But I have to make the mistake.  I have to hurt myself and sometimes others, before I understand and learn about things, and resolve not to do the same thing again.

Unfortunately, I do hurt people in the process.  Unfortunately, I do hurt myself in that process.  But rarely, do I ever, make the same mistake twice with the same intentions.

Right now, I suppose the lessons I’m learning involve love, relationships, patience and kindness.  Selflessness is in there somewhere.  Tough lessons to learn, but good ones.




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