People can Change

30 11 2012

You know you work too much at Food Lion when you hear this song in the outside world, and you automatically look for someone to check out in the real world.  I’ve heard this before I worked at Food Lion, and now, everytime I hear it, this song resonates with me more truer than it has in the past.

I’m in the middle of a lot of sucky situations.  I’m in the middle of some stressful situations.  They all involve people being dumb.  I’m angry at all of them.  The fact that this situation exists alone is enough to just make me want to give up on people, pack up my bags and move out of my life.  Never to see or hear from people again.  I’ll become a hermit, live in the woods of the Appalachian mountains.  Hunting game and catching fish.  Sleeping on leaves, under the starts.  Wait….can you imagine me doing that?  I’m apparently a city slicker!  I wouldn’t know what to do if I came up upon an unsuspecting bear or other dangerous animal.  Probably try to play cards with them.  It’s a nice fantasy, but this is reality.

The thing that gives me hope is this idea that people can change….if they really want to, that is.

Why do I believe that?

Because this song rings truer than truth to me and my life.  It really does.

Brandon Heath, in another video, describes the scenario behind this song.  I think it was when he was playing for AIR1.  I can’t find the video, but when I watched it, Heath talks about the scenario that moved him to write this song.

In my past, I cut ties like it was nobody’s business.  It wasn’t a big struggle to me, because I didn’t have the clear value for relationships like I do today.  And there are times that I still struggle with the old feelings of wanting to leave a relationship just because it’s not working anymore, or because I’m bored with the relationship.  But I don’t wanna do that anymore.  (And I’m not saying I’m wanting to leave a friendship or relationship…that’s not my main point, so don’t run away with that thought!)  I don’t want to be who I was, because that person wasn’t really the person that I want to become.  I want to be someone who values relationships so incredibly much, and I want to be a person that when ties are cut, it breaks my heart.

I believe people can change, because I changed.  There’s nothing fantastic or super-special about me.  I’m not some sort of perfect person.  I just decided that I wasn’t gonna allow myself to be stuck in my same old habits just because I was scared or something.

That’s why I continue to have hope for people, because they can change….if they really want to.  If it’s something you work on, day in and day out.  If it’s something you truly wrestle with and try to do your best to become your ideal….eventually it will happen.  Now, it may not happen immediately.  If it does happen immediately, we’re probably lying to ourselves.  But it won’t happen immediately.  Old habits are hard to break.  Have you ever tried to break a habit?  It’s hard.  Because it’s a habit.  Habits are hard to break and hard to die.  But…if we are intentional about it, and we really want it, I firmly believe you have the power within you to change everything.  Heck, you can even change your whole life if you want!

I believe it, because I did it.  And I’m no one special.




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