Teaching Reflections

27 03 2013

Note:  I have recently begun a job teaching in a high school in North Carolina.  I have taken over for another teacher who has retired.  This is crucial to understanding the following post.

All of my teaching stuff that I learned in college, throughout student teaching, everyone told me to discard anything my college professors taught me.  During student teaching, I sorta discarded all of these wonderful people, because after all the time I spent at college, surely my professors are not incapable idiots and surely, Appalachian didn’t just waste my time with those education classes.

I am royally pissed off.  Excuse my french.  I am royally pissed off.  For sure, my time at Appalachian was ruined by the taking of such pointless classes that really don’t do anything for me in the real world, and often ideas such as individualization….they sure are impractical for the real world.  Great in theory, but terrible in reality.  I am extremely frustrated by this.  

Our educational time at college in preparation for being a teacher is nothing like the reality of the life we experience and live when we are actually on the field and in the occupation.  There are some pretty significant wake up calls that we need to alert our administration at, and we need to give them a good dose of reality and show them what teaching is really about.  How about they, I don’t know, ACTUALLY spend time in a classroom on a daily basis, and not just something they remember from 10-20 years ago.  Man, what a revolution that would be!

This makes me really angry.  Our teachers are emerging completely incapable, if they are not self-driven to make their teaching the best teaching that it could be.  If they are not pushing themselves to excel in school, how can we expect them to teach reasonably and be effective at what they do?  Suppose someone only half-heartedly want to be a teacher, they are still emerging incapable of being a decent teacher.  But, I can’t expect the American education system at the college level, to change the hearts of people or weed out those who truly don’t want to be a teacher, can i?

To those out there that think being a teacher is an easy job, I have to disagree.  At minimum, I am at my job from 7 to 5 everyday, with a 20 minute lunch break.  I am working at home typically from 6 to 10 every night.  I am honestly working harder now than I have ever before.  Yet, I feel so behind and frantic.  But luckily, I have some wonderful people who help me out from time to time.