What Does It Mean to Be Strong?

27 04 2013

Strength.  Is it easly defined?  I mean sure, you can go to a gym, crank up the music, and start lifting weights or something, and there’s a number, the limit to what you can and cannot do.  Being physically strong prepares the body to deal with the defenses that is needed to make sure that the body doesn’t wear out in physical activity.  It helps boost the immune system.  Adrenaline gets rushing through you, and lots of feel-good hormones are released.  Some of my bodybuilding friends tell me time and time again that it’s just such a rush when you’re busting through your goals, and you keep going.  It’s like an addition.  You can tell when someone is physically strong, their biceps, triceps and all of the other ‘ceps are toned, and even.  And you can tell when someone doesn’t work out on a daily or regular basis.  If you need an example of what that looks like, just take a look at me. 

But is physical strength the same as being strong?  Is it the same thing as being sturdy and steady in a storm?  What happens when the world is just blasting you away with such terrible circumstances?  The seasoned weatherer can emerge one of two ways:  Either being closed off, or sensitive yet steady.

You can close yourself off.  You sure can.  The heart dies, the soul withers, and the joy and happiness as well as the pain and the sorrow goes away.  To close yourself off means that you love at a distance, and you may not even experience the best parts of being in love totally.  You’re untrusting, and you don’t allow things to get you.  You run away when things get rough, and you get scared before even trying to stay.  To close your heart off reduces your personality to that of a stone wall.  But the benefit is that the heart is never hurt. The storms mean nothing to the heart of stone. 

There’s the determined one when the storm hits.  This is the person that has just decided that whatever storm there is, the storm will not change things, unless it reveals something that forces it to.  The storm proves that this person is steady beyond all obstacles and is dependable no matter what happens.  This person is fiercely committed to things, but above all, is fiercely committed to themselves, refusing to allow some storm to change them and their personality.  But the big thing is, the storms still hurt.  The hail that comes down still makes dents, but the heart is kept.  The personality is still steady and consistent.  The person behind the conflict is retained beyond all else. 

I think strength relies and resides in the second.  Because it allows you to be true to yourself, but maybe strength in this form is not always possible.  Maybe there’s a mix.  Maybe there’s an exception.  I’m not sure.  I don’t know what strength is.  What does it mean to be strong? 

I still don’t know.  I am okay with that.  Maybe I’ll figure it out one day.




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