I’m not getting any younger

3 06 2013

It has happened.  Seriously.  I have reached an age of my life in which I am looking at the things in the world around me, and I’ve learned enough to realize the simple fact of the matter is that there is a huge generation gap between myself and people who are in high school/college.  This realization has come to me just recently as a result of several things, so aha!  I give you the:

Ways You Know You’re No Longer Young

  1. So you love him, huh?  You’ve known him for four days!  Dated for two!  This is the exact quote that ran through my mind earlier this evening when I was checking up on FB statuses (stati?).  I say that to make the statement that I am much more careful about loving people than I was in high school.  I definitely wait a while before I tell people how I feel about them, even if they are pretty awesome.  You don’t wanna throw around the word “love” you want it to mean something.  Or at least I do.
  2. If I were able, I’d go to bed at 8:30 every night.  Doesn’t mean I do, but it would be a nice paradise.
  3. My eyes don’t open until I’ve had my caffeine.  Coffee, tea:  Elixir of the Gods.
  4. I’ve quit some pretty bad habits.  Not because they’re bad for me, but because I don’t want my kids to be a part of that or have to grow up with that.
  5. I work!  At a job!  That pays me money!  And from that money, I face bills.  I pay my bills.  I make loan payments.  If being broke doesn’t make you feel like a grown-up, what does?
  6. I take a multivitamin, and B-12, and L-Lysine, and Fiber pills.  I am becoming a druggie.
  7. I still believe in, and use, proper grammar.  None of that boyizzzeees crap.  You even sound dumb!
  8. I love a child like it’s my own kid.  Seriously.
  9. My friends are getting married.  Yeah….it’s weird to think about.  When will it be my turn??
  10. I make really profound self-realizations about myself.  I am getting old.  I am deaf.  I’m socially awkward.  I have OCD.
  11. I do not understand modern music/TV.  Really.  I’m not sure what it’s about.
  12. I think the 90s were ten years ago.  They were, um, ALL THAT!!!
  13. I identify with the Golden Girls.  Except Blanche.  She and I will just be good friends.
  14. I have schedules.  I have times where I clean, times of the week when I grocery shop.  Habits I have.  Times I poop.  Really.
  15. I have walked to school uphill both ways in three feet of snow.  Thank you, Boone, North Carolina.

All in all, getting old ain’t so bad.  I am enjoying it.  It’s nice to have the experience that I have.  I realize and recognize that I am not as old as some of my fans out there are, but dang, the time flies and I am not getting any younger!




2 responses

7 06 2013

I enjoyed reading this. You are funny! You are a good writer.

7 06 2013

Thanks! I appreciate it! Good to see you the other day!

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