Playlist of my Life 6/10/2013

10 06 2013

So…these are some songs that seem to be running through my head as of recent, and so I decided to share them with you!

This song is like the first song I hear in the mornings.  Now, keep in mind that I leave my house at 6 am to get to work, but this is like the first on my playlist on my iPod.  I love this song because I love Michael Jackson, and I feel like this song takes me back to certain MJ songs, including the awesome dance moves.  J. Timberlake is pretty fantastic.

This song I can’t get over.  Ever since the GLEE episode comprised of many Bruno Mars’ songs…I’ve loved this song.  It’s just such a beautiful celebration of how love has this way of adding to the beauty in a person.  These guys make performing this song rather effortless.

Jason Mraz is the top.  He is.  But this is a beautiful cover.  I know, alot of people don’t like covers, but I like to hear what it sounds like with different voices every now and again.  These two young people appeared on the Ellen show, and since then I have been following them.  Top!

Singing in the Rain!  Love this movie, love this show…love, love, love!  The actors are impeccable and the melody is wonderful.  This is my song I wake up to when it’s been a late night.

Buble is going to go down in my history book.  He’s such an incredible singer, and you can tell that the music doesn’t just go into his ears, but it starts in his heart and it’s just bouncing around in there and he has to get it out.  He’s such an engaging singer, and I am just a big admirer of what he does.

I am a fan of MUSE and this is one of my favorite songs that they’ve done.  It’s upbeat, it’s rather chaotic and I love it!  I am such a big fan of them, and this song is just wonderful.  The only respect I have for the Twilight movies is that they have a wonderful person behind the scenes, selecting music.

Who doesn’t love Adele?  I love the message of this song the most, because it talks about the potential that could’ve been.  I’ve learned to stop spending time wondering what “might’ve been” or “could’ve been” and just live in the moment.


Have a marvelous Monday!




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