Something New

12 06 2013

I find the need to challenge myself again.  To do something.  A lot of times, I start something and then I lack the motivation to finish it off.  Except food, most of the time anyways.  Anyways…I want to start something and finish it this summer.  Last summer, I started the Harry Potter series, and finished it around December.  Which was not so bad for a summer project.  So I’ve been thinking about the possibilities and the potentials.  I want to write something.  I am not sure what it is about yet, nor do I know the message that I want to convey, but I do know that I have the desire to write.

I used to write creatively alot.  I’m now blogging and I am attempting to do so on a semi-regular basis, because I have a lot of thoughts that I just feel the need to share.  But anyways, I feel the urge to write creatively, to create fiction and to create characters that explode off of the page.  I’ve already written a book of nonfiction, and although it hasn’t been published yet, nor do I think it will be published anytime soon….but that’s not enough.  I want to write something that will be seen, even if I’m just standing out on the street corner, passing out copies of my manuscript for people to read.

I also want to read more.  I mentioned this to someone the other day, but it’s like a cycle, me and reading.  Our relationship gets very passionate around springtime, and then it just fizzles out as the year goes along.  But I do want to read.

I’m gonna be doing some traveling this summer, and I want to take pictures of things. 

I just don’t want to waste my life and my time off.  I have the opportunity to have days where I can frolic and have fun, so I need to take advantage of those days. 

I also feel the motivation to try to be healthier.  I already eat pretty decently healthy, I think, and so I really want to accelerate this journey to being healthy by being healthy in soul and in body.  Part of that is getting into a healthier mind frame, one that is free of plagues and cancers of the spirit.  And then the other part of it is finding some sort of excersize routine.  I have heard excersizing on a regular basis not only helps you sleep better, but also helps with the pooping schedule!  So, yeah!

So that’s my summer.  Continue this journey with me and I’ll do my best to keep you updated!




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