Look for the Light

5 07 2013


Let me first preface this with a single statement, I love TED.  If you don’t know what TED is, they are talks that have a vision for what the world can become, or how to make your world better now.  Inspirational.  Encouraging, uplifting.  I highly encourage you to look at the other videos.  They are worth your time, for sure.

Anyways, I really enjoy this video for two reasons:  1) It incorporates photography stuff.  2)The talk itself.

I’m gonna warn you, this entry has a bit of religion tied into it.  If you don’t subscribe to a particular religious belief, that’s okay, I think you’ll find the message meaningful anyways.  If you’re really religious and married to beliefs, you may not want to read this, I could offend you.  Just so you know where I am in my religious belief….I really don’t know.  There’s no map.  I’m on uncharted territory right now.  God and I, we’re trying to figure out each other over again.  Good luck with that, right?  Hah.

Anyways….back to the point.  I’ve been in a church recently where the speaker was like dissing the world.  He was saying that all of our media, all of the celebrity-ness….all of it was terrible, and that we should really just reject the entire content of what the world has to offer.  After the recent bursts of violence, a church came out and said that this was judgement from God to America for what they’ve allowed to happen.  When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex relationship legality, churches everywhere across America had their prayers rejected by a God who claims to have their interests at heart. 
So, they came out and said that this is just tribulation, and that they are still the church of God, and they will still refuse to allow gay people in their church. 

We can look around and see all of the brokenness that we have in our churches, all of the ‘holier-than-thou’s attitude, and we can condemn it.  We can condemn how they don’t fit into their own beliefs 100% of the time.  But that is not the purpose of this entry.

The point I’m trying to make by mentioning these moments of negativity is that this is a very depressing viewpoint to have towards anything.  If you reject the world, you reject everything and everyone.  Which kinda makes it hard to embrace others.  If you reject the church based on its imperfections, you’re rejecting it because its imperfect….just.like.you.are.

I think there are moments and little lights that we need to look for, in order to jump over this hurdle.  If we look for these lights…we can have hope in something.  If we look at a good aspect of society, people who are trying to help others….churches who are wrapping its arms around those who need shelter…if we look at those good aspects, we have reason to hope.  We have reason to live, even.  If we can find one person that is doing it right like it’s supposed to be done, there is still reason to hope. 

I have many people who are these “delightful” people in my life.  I have friends who are Christians, but still are able to accept those who are different or walk a different path.  I see people who try to cheer others up, rather than running them into the ground.  I see families that try to take care of each other, despite the hardships.  I see lovers who love each other despite difficult circumstances, and choose each other despite all of the unhappy circumstances. 

All of these are acts of love, and if love is of God, God has to be in it!  If God is not in it, there is no love, no compassion.  Look for those moments of love, and I swear you’ll be in on something that God is of.  But if you surround yourself with hate, it’s not of God. 

Maybe I’m a dreamer, or an optimist, but I have to believe that there are good things in our society that are good.  I have to believe that our world is a good place.  There are bad things in it, certainly.  But look at it in me…I would say that I am a good person, but yet there is bad in me, there are moments of selfishness, immaturity, impatience, etc.  I don’t have to paint a picture of how bad I am, but I accept those aspects of me.  I may not ever become the most selfless person, but I am working on it, and I hope to be better with it someday.

Look for the light, and that may change your approach to all things. 




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