30 07 2013

Greetings from my travels!  I know I have been away, but little trips like this are very good for the soul, to just take a break from the realities we face on a daily basis to re-encounter some of the good things in our lives.  Ahh….refreshing!  I will be back to writing more consistently and regularly again soon, but until then, stay tuned!

I was thinking before I went to bed last night, about the different distances that people can experience between themselves and other people.  I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of distances, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL.

There’s physical distance.  This, I define as the physical distance between people.  In my life, the trend seems to be that my friends and the people I stay close to, it seems like they are increasingly becoming more and more physically separated.  It starts with jobs, spouses, etc., and despite the fact that you care about them, it seems physically impossible to be with them or to ask them to coffee on a regular basis.  With physical distance, it becomes a real struggle to maintain that closeness and connectedness.  The thing that makes relationships possible beyond the distance is that both people have to work at it.  It takes time, energy and effort to remain close.  While it is harder, it can be done.  It is possible for friendships and relationships to weather the challenoge of time zones, busy schedules and everyday life, despite the distance, but it just means that both people have to be more willing to try to make it work, and it means that both have to sacrifice sometimes the present, right in front of you life, for something a few hundred miles away.

In relationships, what is harder to overcome is emotional distance.  You can be in the same room or the same house, and still be distant from another person.  Emotional distance is caused by hurt hearts, busy schedules, or pure human laziness.  Emotional distance is the drainpipe through which most relationships fail.  To solve this, people have to be committed to communicating and getting through all of the muck and the grime and the hurt that is already there.  Emotional distance is damaging to relationships, no matter what type of relationship it is.   

I am nowhere near a marriage counselor, nor am I an expert on human relationships, but of these two distances, I do believe that the latter is the worst.  People can deal with distance, but once you become emotionally distant, it doesn’t work anymore.  

That’s just my thought.  Thoughts?




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