3 08 2013

It seems like lately, I’ve been encountering “choices” in a more prominent way than I’ve noticed before.  There are choices I have had to make recently that determine the outcome of many other parts of my life.  There are some choices that have been made for me, which really sucks sometimes.  Choices. 

I’m very indecisive about most things.  “Where do you want to eat?”  “I dunno, wherever’s fine.”  “What do you want to do?”  “I dunno, what do you want to do?”  Among these are rather common conversation topics between myself and those in my life.  Many times, I really don’t have clue as to what I want to do, and other times, I quite simply don’t care.  The way I see it, what we do, eat or wear doesn’t really have anything to do with the most important fact, and that is, that I am spending time with someone who is rather important to me.  The choice that I can easily make are on the big things, job, relationships…etc.  It’s the details that I get fuzzy on.  I know I need to work on that, but oh well.

I’ve heard it somewhere, and this is true:  “You are always one choice away from a different life.”  Let me make a disclaimer here….I’m not saying that your choice of putting mustard instead of mayonnaise on your sandwich will greatly alter the course of your life….it may, but probably not.  I’m talking about the big things, those big choices.  If you’re unhappy where you are, chances are, it’s your choice to be there.  That’s a rather tough reality to be faced with, but it’s true.  If I am miserable at my work (which sometimes I am), it’s my choice to stay there and not look for another job.  If I am miserable at home because I live alone, it’s my choice to remain roommate-less.

Our choices make who we are.  The big details along the way are really important, but the small ones are too.  The buildup of small choices along the way can eventually give way into a really big choice.  Like say, alcohol.  You could choose to go out and get a drink every now and again.  Not a bad thing, as long as you don’t get out of control, right?  If you don’t make the choice to make sure that you control it, eventually, you may come to the point where you NEED it, or are addicted.  That will give way into a bigger choice, whether to stay an alcoholic or to stop drinking.

Our choices are important.  Make the right ones.  Go with your gut.  Know that I am always here for you.




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