Compassion Changes Things

14 08 2013

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I am still studying and learning about myself. 

I have realized that when I am able to encounter a situation, and my response to that situation is compassion, it changes and rearranges a lot of spaces and feelings in my heart.  It really does.  If I am able to experience compassion as a response to a situation, that forces me to grow, quite simply because I think I have this nature to help make things better.  Pre-existing hurts and heartaches, especially if associated with that same situation and circumstances, find themselves eliminated, put in their place and dealt with.  I don’t understand it.  This is not the first time it’s happened either.  I’ve experienced said emotions and said results before.  The first time, I was so perplexed and so grateful that the struggle was over, that I almost led myself in a dance, but as I was in a library at the time, I decided against it. 

I wonder what this world would be like if there were more compassion in the world. 




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