What I Meant to Say

25 08 2013

Have you ever had a moment where you remembered an earlier moment, and you said completely the WRONG thing?  I’ve had a few of those lately.  More than half of them have been in my retail industry.

Instead of being passive, I become this active person, that decides the destiny of her own life.  I rip the bull’s horns up, and lead it to charge straight into this person.  I knock them over with the wit and style of my retort and I pull back, waiting for them to applaud me, daring them to come at me bro.  Instead of being meek, I speak my mind without fear of retribution or consequence.  I let them know where I stand, and I don’t care where the cards end up.  Instead of being submissive, I am the dominate party and I dictate the decisions for other people.  I tell them what’s going to happen, and my word is law.  The bully is dumbfounded, the jerk boss is flabbergasted, the meanie-poopy-pants is brokenhearted.  Victory.

But look at the results.  I may have lost my job.  The bully has been bullied, and the meanie-poopy-pants is crying. 

Perhaps the things I meant to say are not worth saying after all, because behind those words hide a heart that is frustrated and angry.  Not frustrated and angry at these particular people (well…maybe a little), but more frustrated and angry at themselves.

Thank God, I suppose, I am not as quick on my feet. 




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