Insomia 3:56 AM

2 09 2013

Despite the fact that I’ve been pretty busy lately, and therefore, tired, my body has decided that it is unfortunately no longer able to sleep.  So, instead, I blog.

Did you know that tells you about your anniversaries with wordpress?  Congratulations friends, we’ve been blogging together and you’ve been reading my posts for a year.  Go have yourself a slice of bloody cake, will ya?

You know, milestones like this, they make me think.  They make me consider things in a whole new way.  When you’ve known somebody for a year, it’s rather amazing, how much more you know about them than you did before.  If you own a shirt for a year, it’s softer than it was when you bought it.  The jeans fit even better after you have had them for a year.  See, good things come with milestones such as these, because they show us that with the test of time, things get better.  

Therefore, I can only assume that with the test of time, this blogging thing is going to get better. 




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