4 10 2013

Growing up one day, my dad decided to take a special moment to teach me a life lesson.  This is nothing special.  He held a seminar when I was younger to teach me how to properly shake hands…to make sure that my hand wasn’t a limp fish in someone’s hand, to grip it and show the other person that you have some force within you, and you’re not entirely passive.  He also taught me how to hug people, to hold them tight, and not only hug them with your arms, but with your heart as well.  But on this particular day, he told me he wanted me to be a tree.

“What?”  I remember thinking.  I also thought that the old man was off his rocker or something, because a tree….what?

And then he went on to explain himself better.  He said that trees are stable.  They grow and mature, and take a while to mature, sure, but when they’re done, they are solid, steady and strong.  They’re completely independent, and are able to weather a lot of storms, and they endure.  He wanted me to be someone who was dependable and capable, someone you could set your clock by, and someone that people can count on.  The skin is tough, but the heart is tender and always growing with green. 

In our lives today, the longer I live, the more people I meet….the more I realize that there are few trees in our world.  Now, sure everyone’s heard of environmental changes and all that.  As the trees on our world disappear, so do the tree-people in our lives.  In our society, in almost every movie, we see how people break up because it gets to hard, or they leave because it’s a selfish thing.  Or they can’t make up their mind on something important.  Sure, I’m indecisive about the everyday details, but once I decide on a major idea, that is never something that I consider changing my life about.  Every song we hear is about shaky personalities or shaky love. 

It’s never about the way that love, when truly embodied, frees people involved to become more of who they are, and allows people to simply enjoy the fact that they are together.  Whether in a relationship or a friendship, being steady in who you are allows the person to know that you’re there for them, despite all obstacles.  Love, when truly embodied, becomes not a process of simply enduring a person, but enjoying them.  Love, when truly embodied, changes the perspective of your day, or a shift at work.  Being steady in who you are allows a person to be able to relax and be themselves, instead of having to keep a guard up constantly because you’re not quite so sure as to what will happen next. 

Sure, there’s excitement in being emotionally-driven, and there’s a value in being spontaneous….but I think that true value is found in the fact that you’re a person that can be depended upon. 

This is such a rare quality.  I realize more than ever that this is a rarity in this world.  But need.




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