When In Anger

27 10 2013

When in anger, do not shout.  Do not demand, do not ridicule.  When in anger do not beat down, because in the end you do more damage than good.  When in anger do not hurt, do not seek to hurt, even though hurting is the easiest way out.  When in anger do not bargain, do not dismay, anger is not what it’s all about.

When in anger do not fight, take a moment, step back and re-evaluate.  Do not toss low blows and do not inflict needless pain, you will have to do much more healing and mending than if you’d dealt anger alone.  When in anger do not destroy, the bonds, the covenants of love that you once wrote and wove.  When in anger do not cast away, the love inside you and the love at bay.  You will one day need that love too, so don’t end it, and it’ll see you through. 

When in anger do not stomp, do not slam doors, and do no harm.  When in anger do not cook, you will surely burn that food, and it will have been a waste. 

When in anger, do not dismay, do not entertain hate. 

Anger is a temporary emotion, that you could allow to get out of hand and trump devotion.  Do not allow it to do this for you, for you will regret and you will rue.

But when in anger, whisper.  Whisper words of love and kindness.  When in anger, choose to love anyways.  Wrap your arms tight around love and remember love.  When in anger, stay.  Do not test the bounds of love, and do not walk away.  For you could be walking away from someone whom you’re not supposed to live without.  When in anger, listen.  You may be angry for the wrong reason.  When in anger, do not use unkind words, because you may have to eat the reprecussions of them.  But, in anger, say kind things, loving things, speak of butterflies and daffodils.  And if you cannot, do not speak at all.

When in anger do not fingerpoint, it gets you nowhere.  Strive not to hurt those who love, and be careful with your speech.  When in anger, seek wisdom.  Do not seek revenge.  When in anger, look for cuddles, swings and songs. 

For when you are angry, you may tend to do something you regret.  Seek wisdom my friend.  Love instead.




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