When Things Get Crazy

2 11 2013

When things get crazy, slow down.  Take a moment, breathe.  Remember and center yourself, remind yourself that this is not the last day of your life, nor is it the definition of your life.  Smile.  Gather your peace.  Do not let the craziness consume and control you, do not let it alter your personality.  Allow it to give you a gung-ho attitude about your conflict and go to tackle it.  When things get crazy, rest when you can.  Celebrate your life, and the people who are in it.  Love them just a little more, hold on to them just a little tighter.  When things get crazy, do not let anger ruin your life, but just accept it as a challenge, and get back to it, determined as ever. 

When things get crazy, appreciate the little things.  The little hugs, the words of encouragement, the small kisses, the intimate moments.  Take a little longer in cuddling.  Be sure to look in each other’s eyes, to find that love that you share. 

When things get crazy, do not allow your circumstances to pollute your life and your love for someone.  Allow it to make it better.  Take your time.  Do not rush your life just because things are crazy.  Take a moment and remember, remind yourself of the love you have, and the gift of that love. 

Do not waste your life just because it gets crazy.  Do not use that as an excuse to hurt someone. 

And when things are not crazy, appreciate it.




One response

2 11 2013

Thanks for the nice post! I kind of like the idea that when things are crazy the more youhave to keep sane. Go slow and rest if possible. Nice. 🙂

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