Job and Responsibilities

5 11 2013

I’ve never wanted to grow up.  I loved Peter Pan as a child, still enjoy watching old Disney movies, and imagine it was me that was whisked away from the growing older process, so that I could live all my days singing and dancing, and doing whatever else my heart was content to do.  In my mind, what a wonderful world it would be, to live my life without all of these difficult things, chores and other things that you have to do.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just sit around, watch movies or TV all day, or play video games, or read all day without life harboring on the horizon?  Wouldn’t it be great to just not have any responsibilities? 

Such is the life that I’ve dreamed of. 

Unfortunately, this is not the life I can live, because of two things:  I need money to survive, and I will eventually get lonely and bored. 

See, I was raised that if you want something, you gotta work for it.  That’s where the money thing comes in.  If I want to eat, I gotta work for it.  If I wanna go see plays, I have to work for it.  If I need new shoes, I have to work for them.  You cannot maintain a household without a means of earning money.  I have to work.  Doesn’t mean I always want to get up at 5 in the morning, doesn’t mean I always am so excited about my job…but it pays the bills.  Part of being an adult is having the means to pay for things, being responsible enough to suck it up, and go do my job…not to let anything be an excuse to not do my job, except if I were to be sick or something.  I live on a shoestring, yes, I live on minimum wage, yes…but that’s part of being an adult.  Especially if you have pets, or children to take care of.  I know that one day, the same thing will be expected of me as a parent or a pet owner, and so now is practice for that. 

The second is that I honestly would get too bored if I did not have my job.  My job keeps me going, it keeps me sane.  It forces me to have human interaction, and gets me out of the house.  When one person stays too much inside a house, I honestly believe that they can go insane from it.  I think it is healthy to get yourself out of the house, and to interact with the modern world.  I’m innately an introvert, and could go hours being happily occupied by myself.  At the same time, I recognize and realize the healthy benefits of human interaction, and not just with those with whom you live (wait…I don’t live with anyone!), but out in the world, hearing the sounds of the world, smelling the smells, no matter how unpleasant.  Interaction with the world around you helps to make you aware of just how insignificant some of your problems are, and how small they are….which aids in the letting go process. 

I may love my job some days, and some days I hate it.  Some days, I spring out of bed, and others, I snooze til the very last second.  But there’s no denying that my life is made better by having a job.  It may stress me out, upset me, make me mad….but it is my job, and it is my responsibility…and so I will grow up, I will be that adult. 

My job is not my only responsibility.  I also have my work at the church, I have a young girl whom I babysit some afternoons, I have the house to manage and run, I have a relationship I have to upkeep, I have friendships that I have to manage….but I don’t think I’d trade them for anything.  And in that, I’m glad to be an adult. 




One response

2 12 2013
Amber Pruitt Bowman

Haven’t been here in a while but as usual, a good read!!! 😀

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