17 11 2013

Flip thorough a magazine, you’ll see headlines promising that if you do this and that, you’ll be more attractive.  Search through the TV, and you’ll see commercials for miracle products that promise to help you lose weight.  Walk through a shopping mall, and you’ll find clothes that show off what people claim to be the most attractive parts of the body.  Look at kids’ toys, you’ll find their dolls and action figures have this idea of what attractiveness is, and these are the role models that they grow up with.  Listen to talk radio, and they’ll tell you the latest superfoods to eat in order to create glowing skin…if there is one thing that I can positively say about our modern media, it’s that we are completely obsessed with this idea of the fact that people have to do something in order to be attractive.  We are completely infatuated with the latest 10 steps to be beautiful or attractive.  We search the internet to find ways to appear sexy. 

Now, you’ve heard it before, that it’s on the inside that really counts.  Well, by looking at our media and the tools available to us, it seems like everyone says that, but no one really believes it.  Do we truly believe that being a better person is more important than looking like a good person?  Do we truly believe that inner beauty will get us further in life, than looking sexy?  Do we truly believe it?  If you say you truly believe it, do you still despise the way you look?  Are you satisfied with the way your nose is shaped, or the density of your thighs?  Do you belittle yourself with the way that you look, when you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror? 

I’ve never thought I was beautiful.  I’ve never thought that I was attractive.  And actually, until recently, no one has ever told me that they find me sexy or attractive.  All I’ve ever heard all my life from a particular source is “if you would do this, you’d be prettier,” or “if you’ll let me fix your hair, it’ll look better.”  People I’ve dated in the past have never looked at me and thought I was attractive.  And all my life, I’ve hated the size I am, or the shape.  And when I look at the modern media, and I listen to the words of society…it just does nothing to make me feel better about those things.  When I look at the things around me, I get extremely frustrated, because I know that not everyone is this type or way.  I know that our media is an unfair representation of the world around us. 

What makes people attractive?  What makes them sexy? 

What is beauty?

I find beauty in a baby’s laugh and trust of you.  I find adorableness in the relationship a parent has to their child.  I find attractiveness in the way that a person treats a pet, and then, the way that the same pet lavishes love in return.  I find sexiness in the way that someone makes me feel, if they make me feel valued and loved, it’s like their attractiveness grows 1,000%.  I find beauty in a loving touch, in the way someone hugs me when I have had a bad day.  I find adorableness in the way people treat each other.  When they treat each other badly, I’m suddenly sure that this person is not attractive at all.  Sure, there’s initial physical attractiveness, but what builds it to something deeper than just physical attractiveness is the beauty inside, the love inside.  For example, I can pick many celebrities….there’s a lot of attractive ones out there.  But that’s just it.  To me, they’re attractive, but that’s all.  You show me someone who is physically attractive, and then they show you love that lives in them in some form or fashion….and their attractiveness grows. 

But, I suppose this is a minority opinion.  Not everyone thinks along these lines. 

What do you think beauty is?




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17 11 2013

YOU, my dear, are truly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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