Repost from LS: You can do it!!!

17 01 2014

I am so pumped today.  I found out yesterday the results of this test that I hadn’t been taught for in a normal classroom.  No, I taught myself and studied myself, and added a new certification to my degree and can now teach in more areas.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal to many people, but as I was driving to work, I realized a very simple truth:  I can do anything that I decide to do. 

Now this may not be a big thing, but let’s dig deep into my past for a moment, k?  I remember when I was younger, and they found out that I had a hearing impairment.  All of a sudden, sometimes people would find that out about me, and then look at me like I was a poor charity case.  Like they didn’t think I would amount to much.  They would sympathize for me, and tell me that they hoped I made it, and then they’d go on with their lives.  This happened in school.  It happened in the real world.  And sometimes, it even happens on job interviews.  You’ve never heard of a deaf teacher, have you?  Because there are few.  On the flip side of that, I was coached and encouraged by several wonderful support staff at my school, and then continued to be encouraged by them.  It wasn’t until high school that I found people who loved me WITH my hearing loss, not DESPITE that drawback.  Along the way to high school, yes, I definately had a few people that looked at me and loved me with my disability, but they did not become permanent fixtures in my life.  They accepted me into their lives, and began to accommodate for me, which was amazing.  Even then, the other voices rang in the back of my head, and sometimes, they’ve held me back or caused me to be scared.  They fueled my anxiety, and crippled my hope. 

There are two lessons to be learned here:

  1. Your negative words have far more power than all of the positive words in the world.  Look at my life.  Look at how I had anxiety over my senior year in college, because my hearing will hold me back from being a good teacher.  Look at how I’ve had to fight and claw my way to not believing these words.  I’ve been with hearing loss since the age of 5, and I am just now starting to believe that those voices may be wrong at the age of 25.  How powerful!  My negative words, your negative words are far different to shake off.  You truly never do know the impact that negative words have upon each other.  Choose your words carefully.
  2. Those voices….guess what?  They’re wrong.  Believe me.  They don’t know what you’re talking about.  They don’t understand.  If they fathomed the amazing person that you are, they would not disrespect you with their words.  You can truly do anything that you want to.  Do not allow yourself to be boggled down by the naysayers of the world, because I am telling you, plain and simple, that they’re wrong.  They are so wrong.  No one ever could be any more wrong about you.  You can do it.  I believe in you.  But more importantly, you gotta believe that those voices are wrong, that all of those people are wrong, and you have the power within you to do anything that you set your mind on.  You can do it!  You are not chained and held back, shackled by the things of your past, or the situations in your past, you are not held back by what you did yesterday.  You’re not the person you were in the past, you’ve changed and grown and lived.  Therefore, the voices of the past, you cannot listen to anymore.

You can totally do it.  I have faith in you.




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