Easter Reflection-Friday or Sunday?

20 04 2014

I hate the thing that says “there are two kinds of people….” and then someone introduces the dividing line between different groups of people.  I know that I do this quite often, I truly do.  I meditated upon this fact and reflected upon this, and realized that I think we have enough dividing lines drawn across the race of humanity, so I’m hoping that from this point on, I’ll stop creating these dividing lines.  

So instead of asking you which one you are, and how you respond, I am simply going to explain two of the personas of the types of people who profess to be Christians, and you can add to it, or take it what you will.  These two personas explain a whole lot about the believers that make up the Christian church, and I think it provides some insight into the church as a whole.  I hope you find encouragement in this.

Friday People

In saying that a person is a Friday person, I refer not to the fact that “hey!  It’s the weekend, let’s party!” Or “I don’t have to work tomorrow, I can sleep in!!”  In the significance of the Easter story, the thing that determines which one of the two perspectives I am mentioning in today’s segment, if you are a Friday person, your outlook, perspective and frame of mind is based upon the perspectives of the believers on that Friday crucifixion day.  

When you look at that Friday, you see an innocent man on a cross, the most gruesome and public ways a person can die.  You see him surrounded by these followers, who had hope that he would not die on this cross, and you see the blood and water pour out of the side.  You hear the ripping of the veil in the tabernacles, you see the darkened sky.  You hear the wails of weeping and mourning among the disciples and believers.  The “righteous” Sadducees and Pharisees are walking away from this scene, victorious, dusting themselves off, patting each other on the back, and going home to rejoice that this pain-in-the-butt-Jesus is dead, no longer around to put them in their places.  They thought themselves superior to judge the heart of one man and demand his death, simply because he disagreed with them.  They left him to die, and he died.  Those who followed Jesus were devastated.  Death is devastating, especially when it’s a friend who has promised to rise again, to defeat death.  

People who are Friday believers, feel it is more necessary to focus on the unworthiness of sinners and how demented and lost all people are.  They focus on the badness of people, and how horrific people can be.  They look at the realities of life, without giving a real reason for redemption.  They are often self-righteous, and deem themselves worthy to judge others, their hearts and write them off as inferior.  People who are Friday Christians, often live in defeat, because they look at their present circumstances and see no way out.  They see no way to overcome their struggles and are overwhelmed with the task of continuing to struggle.  They mingle in their similar circles, never seeing need to reach out to others who are hurting, or noticing the need for hope in those who are having a hard time.  They blame the person, say they’ve brought those hard times upon themselves, than see that there’s more than meets the eye.  They do not welcome those who may not fully agree with them, or may challenge them to change their perspectives.  Instead of looking at the individual person, they make cut and dry statements that do not acknowledge the humanity of the person or the need to consider that person as an equal.  

Sunday Believers

On that Resurrection day, it paints quite a different story here.  On that morning, you see two women approaching the tomb, and the stone that sealed the tomb is cast aside, a heavenly messenger tells them that Jesus has indeed defeated death.  You see them run to tell the disciples, who then run to the tomb and go away from the tomb, praising God.  They later see Jesus in the flesh, see his scars, feel his touch and know that he is alive.  The defeat and demons they dealt with on Friday are gone on Sunday, for the story did not end there.  There was more to come.

Those who are Sunday believers, realize that the focus of the entire Bible and our faith, is on not the fallen-ness of humanity, but the generous grace of God.  The way that God worked it all out, and made his plan come to being.  The plan was made out of the love of God for all of humankind, and the fact is, our faith should also reflect that.  They are motivated to share the good news, because it is contagious, and they have a hope.  The hope is in the fact that hopefully, one day soon, there will be a day where the believers will be all reunited, body and soul, together.  This, they call, heaven.  This earth is full of pain and sorrow, and the church, faith is not there to make people feel worse about themselves, it’s to encourage them to continue to look forward to getting out of the struggles.  But in the meanwhile, there are things to be done, and growth to happen.  Discipleship is not an option, it’s a requirement, in that the person feels driven and compelled to spend time with God in the hopes that they will continue to be made like God.  They are humbled by the love and grace of God, and they see people as their equals.  Humbly, they see the need to unite for a common cause.  In addition, progress is advocated for, simply because that is the coming kingdom, and they are actively moved by the spirit in the process, and see the need to validate humanity and all people, through as many avenues as possible.  They’re moving beyond what the rules say, and into the heart behind the keeping of the laws.  Realizing it is wrong to steal not because of a law, but because to steal is to not love their fellow human being.

If I am honest, there’s a little bit of both in me.  I am sure that there are more things I can say about both, but this is enough for me for right now.  




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