Beginning My Career

28 08 2014

(If you don’t know already, I’ve just begun a new job, one that is actually FOR what I went to school to become)

Monday, I started my career.  Just let that sink in.  It’s kinda like a marriage.  I made a commitment to a job for an entire year.  For that year at least, I’ll do nothing but eat, sleep and dream about lesson plans and connecting with my kids.  It seems kinda crazy, to think that I’ve begun something that I’ll probably stick with for awhile.  Something where I’m not on a salary basis.  

On the one hand, it’s completely overwhelming.  It’s filled with anxieties, and stress, and all of these other emotions.  But on the other hand, there’s gratitude, deep gratitude, thankfulness and joy.  There’s an assurance that this is that which I was born to do.  Not only have close friends reminded me of that, and not only do I have an incredible support system, not only do my co-workers see how happy I am, but deep in there somewhere, I’m truly excited to be there.  I’m looking forward to seeing what my kids can do this year.  

In the past, I’ve let my anxieties hold me back.  I’ve let my worries keep me from doing great things.  They’re still there, quietly peering around the corner, but something just tells me I can do it.  


What is the purpose of prayer?

8 08 2014

Seriously what is it?

Sure, all people will answer “to talk or communicate with God.”  But when you communicate, it’s basically telling the person all about your day and what concerns you.

But why ask for things?  

If God grants us what we ask for in his own time, regardless of our “say” (ie prayer) in the whole  shebang of it all…then of what use is prayer?  Do we use it as a channel to ask things from God?  Sure, there’s the whole “ask and you shall receive” principle, but honestly, that seems a little selfish.  I have no problem in the world with prayer being an avenue for communication with God, and telling him all about my day, but I’m debating what the point of asking God for things is.


What do you think readers?  Give me your input!