2014 in Review

30 12 2014

I am an extremely grateful person.  Yes, there are aspects of my life that are crap.  There are moments of my life that I hate.  I am not ignoring their reality.  But the reality of them, often lead me to ignore the abundant blessings that I have been gifted with the opportunity to have in my life.

This year has been extremely difficult.  I have had so many heartbreaks to happen.  There have been relationships ended, people walking out, death, grief.  I have been angry.  I have struggled.  I have worked hard.  I assistant stage managed Joseph, that was really exhausting.  I’ve had a wreck.  I’ve been through stressful situations.  I’ve cried. My job has driven me crazy.

But in the middle of all of these things, for the most part, my relationships have grown solid.  There have been few real conflicts in my life between those that I spend it with.  There’s been several joyful circumstances in the lives of my friends.  We have celebrated new jobs together.  I helped to renovate a house!  I’ve been loved on.  I’ve played with a baby, many hours.  She knows my name!  I’ve nearly completed accomplishing several of my goals.  I’ve seen the sunrise on top of a mountain.  I’ve traveled.  I’ve loved deeply.  My house smells amazing right now.

So in review, did I accomplish all of my goals?  Probably not.  But I accomplished some of them.  But my life is still turning, and my days are still progressing.

How was your year?