Dilution pt 1

29 03 2016

Author’s note:  This is part one of a planned two-part series.  Stay tuned for the next update!

Imagine a summer day.  It’s hot.  Sweat has ran its trail down your face.  You’re outside, working on something.  Maybe it’s mowing.  Maybe it’s hauling wood.  I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but the point is, that you’re hot.  You stop for a moment, and you take your water bottle.  Condensation drips from the bottle, and your hand is met by a cool sensation.  You hear the ice chips clashing against themselves, as you strain to open the bottle.  With one tug, you open the bottle and down your throat goes the refreshing fuel.  It’s like your insides are finally quenched.  It is so supremely satisfying.

It’s a crowded restaurant.  You’re sitting with friends and the conversation is flowing fluidly.  After some time passes, you remember you have a cold soda waiting for you on the table, and as you swig, you get a mouthful of watered down soda/water concoction.  The soda isn’t quite sweet as normal.  The water you get isn’t quite so pure either.  It’s just a funky mixture.  The water, this time, is not satisfying, because it’s not supposed to be permeated with soda.

I use those two circumstances to make a point.

Let’s imagine that we are ice.  If we melt into water, (another state of ice), then we don’t ultimately change the flavor at all.  There’s just more refreshing stuff.  We change each other.  The water melts the ice, and the ice cools the water.  Both of these are good things, because the purity of water isn’t contaminated.  Dilution is when the concentration of something is made weaker by adding another substance, usually water.

In some way, that is how I think companionship and fellowship needs to be.  In some way, I think that it is best if we find our kindred spirits, the ones that we mutually benefit from.  The people who make us grow and change us into better versions of ourselves.  We can’t dilute the truth from them, we can’t make it easier, but we can try to encourage them to accept our truth in love. But ice doesn’t dilute water.  Ice chills and melts into water and becomes water.  Companionship, friendships, relationships…they’re supposed to be like that.  It’s supposed to be a fluid thing, a partnership that doesn’t weaken you, but simply changes your state.  At the end of the day, ice melted into water is (not supposed to!) unable to alter the water’s taste.  It’s simply a different version of what it originally was.


Dilution is when the concentration of something is made weaker by adding another substance, usually water.

So, if we are ice, and we find ourselves in a place where we are with people who are not the kind of people who encourage our growth, who are kindred spirits…something happens when we mix with them.  We make a weird soda/water mix that no one wants to drink.  Yes, we alter the chemistry, but what happens when the ice combines?  Suddenly, you can’t separate the soda from the water or vice-versa.  And you’re left with an awkward mixture that no one wants to drink.

Yes, we have diluted the chemistry of the solution….but in the process of trying to connect with someone who is not a kindred spirit, we lose our own identity.  After awhile, all of the ice in the soda will melt and it will just be an even more awkward moment.

So what is my advice?  What is the point of this entire post?  Here it is:

Find and combine with the people who are a kindred spirit, don’t lose yourself in someone else who is not a kindred spirit.  Don’t lose your identity of who you are when you find yourself in any type of relationship.  I know this sounds like I’m only mentioning relationship-level of interaction.  But it is honestly possible to lose yourself into someone else who is a friend as well.  But if you’re not choosing other people who don’t also challenge you to be the purest form of yourself, then you create a combination that is awkward and no one wants to be around.  And when you’re combined with someone who is not a kindred spirit who pushes you to be better, eventually, you will lose the certainty of who you are.  But when you find the other water people?  Oh man, it’s brilliant.  It’s excellent and you will grow.


I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone.