Walk YOUR path

21 12 2018

Powerful others will try to make me conform and live up to their expectations.  I may have to run the risk of being defiant, of standing up to, and of going against powerful others.  I am called to stand on my own two feet and to develop the ability to say yes or no in making decisions for the emergence of my life.  To be seduced from following my own path is to be controlled by others, to become a people pleaser, and to be ruled by the tyrannical demands of others.  Failure to stand up to others and to assume responsibility for the direction of my life and the promotion of love in light of God’s design for me should engender healthy guilt.

-Vincent Bilotta III

I read this earlier this week in the book, A Glimpse of Jesus by Brennan Manning.  To give you context, the chapter of the book this quote was located in, was all about the ways that we guilt ourselves in unhealthy ways.  The premise of the chapter states that often, we put God as having an attitude of disapproval or rage over our decisions and that prevents us from feeling the love of God.  Fortunately for us, God’s love is not conditional on what we do or who we are, it just is, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I’m full of anxiety.

A lot of my anxious thoughts come from “what will others think of me?”  Or they come from “what are they saying behind my back?”  I often work myself up into a tizzy about what others are thinking about me or what have you, simply because of insecurity or poor choices in companionship.  Often, that anxiety prevents me from moving forward in my life, simply because I don’t want to make waves or end relationships.  While I know that God approves and accepts, I’m not quite so sure of the same for some humans in my life.

There’s a few errors with this way of thinking:

  1.  What God thinks of me is all that matters, and God already has my back and is leading me, so whom shall I fear?
  2. If I’m so worried about what others think or whether they’re talking about me to others, I need to find me some more quality friends.
  3. I cannot let someone else’s feelings keep me from what I need to do to be able to live the most authentic life.  Sometimes, I have to be brave and step up.

And that enters me into the solution to the problem.

The solution is to focus on #1.  If I focus on me and God, then either the rest of it won’t matter, or life will lead me to a place where #2&3 are not an issue anymore.

And that’s that.

My pastor mentioned something this week, he was talking about how sometimes we have to wait on the Lord.  And really wait.  Like for real, wait.

See, it’s easy to just say something is going to be so, but you gotta be willing to do the stuff that you gotta do to get there.  You can’t be given a command to wait on the Lord and wait for a fast food minute before you ask somebody else.  You can’t realize that you need to focus on you and God, but don’t do anything to demonstrate that focus.  See, doing the #1 is actually really hard.  It’s something that takes years and years of continuing to be faithful.  But I find when I am doing my best to be close to God, those anxieties burn away.  When I depart, they become close to me.

In the season of new year’s resolutions, you can’t decide that you’re gonna have a resolution and not actually do something and continue to do that thing beyond January and February.  You gotta keep it up, if you want to make a real change in your life.  Many people fail at their resolutions because they don’t keep it up, and they aren’t willing to do the work to get them where they need to be.

So if I want to ease the anxieties, I gotta be willing to do the work.  I gotta put myself in places where I am standing up to what others think, and where I am proceeding unafraid of what others think or say.  I have to make the commitment that my path is mine alone and walk in it.

What are you gonna have to do?

Let’s walk our paths, separately but together.




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